Monument Guys on History Channel 2

If you saw the first episode of Monument Guys on the History Channel, you may have noticed a photo of Tuck’s sculptures for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Monument Guys series is about the bronze foundry Tuck uses for his big pieces, The Crucible, in Norman, Oklahoma. On Saturday night, July 25th beginning at 7 PM EDT, we will be able to see all the episodes in marathon on History Channel 2.

To see The Crucible’s tribute to Tuck, see:

And if you want to play “Spot the Langland Sculpture”, watch the slideshow of employees at work. Look for On With Life! in the welding area, and The Spirits of Industry and Commerce, two 12′ figures towering over a group shot of employees.

ON WITH LIFE!   Borgees-Lee Hospital Dowagiac, MI

Borgees-Lee Hospital Dowagiac, MI

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