Art Reception in Indianapolis

Big trip to Indianapolis coming in early October: deliver two Pathfinder Awards to Indiana Sports Corporation, install and unveil a bust of Dr. Esch at the University of Indianapolis (UIndy), check on the busts being delivered to the Wishart-Eskanazi Hospital, set up a solo show in the UIndy Art Gallery and stay for the opening reception, speak with the fine art curator of the Indiana State Museum, then drive home four days later.

Everyone is invited to the reception to Tuck’s show, “Heads, Real and Imagined” at the University of Indianapolis, 1400 E. Hanna Ave. on Friday evening, October 4, 2013 from 4 to 6 PM.  The show at the Christel de Haan Fine Arts Gallery will end October 25th.  The real heads slide from actual portraits, like that of George Mackay Brown, the Orkney writer we admire, and inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to Africans, to Tuck’s version of the Greek Apollo.    Imagined heads are more abstract and interpretive: several versions of Alien Armor, Hovering Head, the Face of Death, and the piercing gaze of Pontius Pilate.  The most humorous heads depict musicians, like the Blind Organist Playing Messeian and the Old Conductor who gets a round of applause just for making it onto the stage.

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