Quilt Garden Tour, Amish Country, Indiana

Tuck’s sculpture, Matriarch, now stands in the lobby of the beautifully restored, historic Lerner Theater building. In Elkhart, Indiana.   In part, it is there to help celebrate the world premier of Harriet the Musical, about Harriet Tubman. The musical was written by the artistic director of Premier Arts, Craig Gibson.

In May, when planting time returns to the Midwest, Matriarch will move from the lobby to the center of the Quilt Garden next to the Lerner Theater building. This year’s quilt is called Drunkard’s Path, a quilt once used by the Underground Railroad to help slaves escape from the south. The annual Quilt Garden display, which is all over Indiana’s Amish region, is all outdoors and is free to the public.  http://www.amishcountry.org/things-to-do/quilt-gardens

Close up of Matriarch

Close up of Matriarch

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