Recognition of Tuck’s Contribution to the Cultural Life of St. Joseph County, Indiana

torchbearer, Lark.jpgTo celebrate Indiana’s 200th year of being a state, Governor Mike Pence announced a signature event, the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. The torch was carried 2,300 miles by renowned people from each of Indiana’s 92 counties, starting in Corydon, the first state capital, to the current capital of Indianapolis.

The torch was a working replica of the torch in the center of the state flag, and the route went past locations of natural beauty, local interest, and sites that were significant in Indiana history. The torchbearers were nominated by their peers in each county. Some walked or ran, while others utilized transport symbolic of the history and heritage of Indiana, like Indianapolis race cars, Studebakers and other cars manufactured in Indiana, horse and wagon, farm equipment, and watercraft.

In recognition of his contribution to the cultural life of St. Joseph County, Tuck was invited to ride in a Studebaker Lark, driven by the executive director of the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, from Indiana University South Bend to the University of Notre Dame.

The torches had internal cameras that could take photos of movies of important sites and people along the road – or a selfie of the torchbearer. Look online to find these movies.

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2 Responses to Recognition of Tuck’s Contribution to the Cultural Life of St. Joseph County, Indiana

  1. Mick Simpson says:

    I think Tuck should be recognised for his cultural contribution to Stoke on Trent England. He was an exchange teacher at Stoke polytechnic and I spent 2 wonderful years working with him and being inspired by him. A wonderful talent and a wonderful person.

  2. Congratulations, Tuck! Tuck taught me how to tuck drapery and how to allow drapery to flow. I admire his work very much. Those who had him for class for more than drapery are lucky indeed. Be well!

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