Tuck Langland Retrospective Exhibition

img_2466Tuck had a retrospective exhibition at Indiana University South Bend, including eighty sculptures plus twenty-two photos of his major public sculptures.   The show was called Tuck Langland: From Art Student to Young Art Professor to Professional Sculptor.

The exhibit began in chronological order and then branched out to topical groupings. Some topics included sports figures, Africans and African Americans, post-India figures, bone china pieces, and medals. His large signature sculptures were represented by small maquettes and large photographs of the pieces in situ.

Tuck filled the gallery with some sculptures never before exhibited as well as old favorites.  Many visitors were unaware of Tuck’s abstract sculptures, which drew a lot of attention.

The show traced and explained his journey from art student to young art professor to professional sculptor. Using sculptures, and didactic signage, it illustrated how limitations and opportunities at each stage of his career shaped his choice of sculpture materials. It also explained how travel experiences and also interactions with colleagues expanded his career.

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