Honoring Dr. Lester Wolfson at Indiana University South Bend


When Lester Wolfson became chancellor of the fledgling Indiana University of South Bend campus, he hired Tuck to teach sculpture in a three-man art department. As the art department and the campus grew together, the campus became a four-year institution and began to offer degrees. Tuck was responsible for getting permission for the art department to award BA and later BFA degrees. In all his efforts, Lester Wolfson stood behind him.

Five years ago, the university wanted to celebrate Lester’s accomplishments with a portrait bust. While the university transformed a section of the auditorium vestibule into a beautifully lit setting, Tuck was creating the bust and its pedestal. Faculty members were invited to attend the bronze pour at Fire Arts in downtown South Bend, and Lester’s son, George, was asked to hold one end of the pouring shank. Months later, Lester and the Wolfson family were at the university ceremony to unveil the finished bronze. (See video, posted in this blog on June 29, 2013.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzScF4JwnrA

On Friday we received news that Lester Wolfson, age 93, has passed on. Rest in peace, Lester.

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