Sculpture on the Op-Ed Page!

judges 9-23-17.jpg

Tuck’s most recent public sculpture was used as a symbol of commitment to the struggle for equal justice in Saturday’s South Bend Tribune op ed piece. In the photo, robed judges stand on both sides of the sculpture. The article explained that “members of the state and federal judiciary in St. Joseph County gathered on September 7th to show their commitment to equal justice and civil rights.” The op ed piece was written by two of the county judges.

The sculpture depicts Martin Luther King Jr. and Father Theodore Hesburgh at a civil rights rally in Chicago in 1967. It was installed this past June in the Equality and Justice area of South Bend, Indiana. It stands across from the courthouse on Main Street.

The late Father Hesburgh was president of the University of Notre Dame, which is in South Bend. He worked with all presidents from Eisenhower to Obama on many issues, especially civil rights.

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2 Responses to Sculpture on the Op-Ed Page!

  1. Joy Beckner says:

    Yay, Tuck! I am very happy for you!!!

  2. Catherine van Vliet-Saivres says:

    Congratulations Tuck! We have seen photos of the unveiling ceremony and a few video’s as well. You are an instrument of Peace 🙏🏻

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