Season’s Greetings to All


After this sculpture was unveiled, four hundred people came forward

to link hands with the sculpture and with one another

while Tuck led us in singing We Shall Overcome.   If we could bottle that

feel-good community moment, there would be

Peace on Earth.

Our Christmas wish for everyone is a happy family, a fair workplace, a caring community, and a reunited nation.

May your heart be happy in the new year.

Janice & Tuck Langland



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1 Response to Season’s Greetings to All

  1. Tom and Maureen Butler says:

    Wonderful message, Tuck and Jan!
    Visiting this geographic pinpoint of hope is written on our bucket list and when we fulfill it, we’ll send you a photo of our embrace with Fr. Ted and MLK!!!
    We appreciate your work.
    The world needs you!
    May your holidays be shiny and bright.

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