The More You Look, the More You See

Heswall Sarcophagus

Heswall Sarcophagus is from Tuck Langland’s Sarcophagus Series of sculptures.

People who have followed Tuck’s career for many decades recently got a new look into his thinking at the solo show, Surprise! Abstract Sculptures by Tuck Langland. The exhibition will continue at Fire Arts in downtown South Bend, Indiana until the end of February.

Although the sculptures look abstract, they are based on something in our visual world. The Violin Woman Series compares women to violins.

The Sarcophagus Series imagines that the human body sits on the outside of the coffin, and the soft parts have eroded away, leaving bony protuberances that create a landscape form.

The Landscape Relief cast in aluminum shows a bird’s eye view of a highway cut into a hilly landscape.

A wavy river of steel surrounded by welded arcs shows the City of South Bend that developed around the Saint Joseph River. This was a maquette for Ring Ribbons, Tuck’s first sculpture for Indiana University South Bend.

The more you look, the more you see.

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1 Response to The More You Look, the More You See

  1. chris hinton says:

    Please pass this on to Tuck and Janice:
    My wife had the pleasure of sitting with the Langlands on a flight. Upon her return home the usual “missed you” took backseat to I met the “coolest” couple on the plane. I just want to say thank you for taking care of my wife and showing her that MLK’s dream of people will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin is alive. God Bless you both.
    Chris Hinton NFL 1983-95
    p.s Your sculptures aren’t too bad. (just some of my corny humor)

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