Reading & Book Signing


Tuck Langland held an exhibition called “Surprise,” which featured his abstract sculpture, despite his being a figurative artist.

Now, for an even bigger surprise, how about something which isn’t even sculpture? Tuck’s latest effort is a book he wrote called Fifty Fables for Fun, Fantasy, and Filosophy. It is, yes, Fifty Fables, short pieces with a moral, in the spirit of Aesop, but ranging much farther in space and time. They come from prehistoric times, from the middle ages, the 18th century, and of course from our times, plus one from far in the future about a planet where the most intelligent life is moss. There’s even one about a guy who becomes a leopard.

Some are funny, some outlandish, some are frightening and sobering.  Some viewthe sweep of life, and some are … well, you have to read them.

Tuck himself will be reading from the book on April 6, First Friday, at Fire Arts, 305 E. Colfax in South Bend. The reading will begin at 6:00 and copies of the book will be available. Usually they sell for $15 but at the reading they are a steal at $10 each.


When a good offer comes along, take it.

(Written by the artist himself, who minored in creative writing all those years ago.)


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